Preventing bronchiolitis

The viruses that cause bronchiolitis are extremely common and easily spread, so preventing the condition altogether is not possible. There is no vaccine, but there are steps you can take to help prevent your child from catching bronchiolitis or, if they already have it, to help prevent it from spreading further. You should:

  • Try to cover your child's nose and mouth when they cough or sneeze.
  • Use disposable tissues rather than cotton handkerchiefs, and throw them away as soon as they are have been used.
  • Wash your child's and your own hands frequently, especially after touching the child's nose or mouth, or after feeding.
  • Wash and dry eating utensils after use.
  • Keep infected children at home.
  • Keep newborn babies away from people with colds or flu, especially in their first two months or if they are born prematurely.

If your child is very premature, or if they are born with a heart or lung condition, it may be possible to for them to have monthly antibody injections in order to limit the severity of a possible bout of bronchiolitis. See your GP to find out more.

(Source:NHS.UK )



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